Academic Rules


A student who has taken admission in any class of “Sukkur Institute of Science & Technology, SISTECH” has to abide by the following academic rules.

  1. He / She will not indulge in any act of indiscipline such as boycott of classes / examination or instigate his fellow students against teachers or administration.

  2. He / She will not involve himself / herself in any political activity, within the premises if the Institute or in any other act prejudicial to the peaceful atmosphere of the Institute.

  3. He / She will not take part in any activity, which will defame the reputation of the Institute.

  4. He / She will not bring any objectionable item to the Institute such as gun, knife, intoxicants, pornographic material, which can harm morally or physically any student and defame the Institute.

  5. He / She will show a high level of honesty in the examination. Any one found guilty of cheating or proved pursuing the Director, Staff and Teacher for granting illegal favor in the examination or in any other matter which is against the smooth running of Institute accordance to the specified rules will be liable for punishment which can be in the form of cancellation of paper or expulsion from the Institute.

  6. Minimum passing marks in the sessional examinations conducted by SISTECH for all students are 60% besides students processing less than 75% attendance shall not be allowed to appear in any of the sessional examinations.

  7. In order to qualify for appearing in the semester examinations conducted by the University of Sindh Jamshoro, students have to secure 60% or more marks in the sessional examinations students failing to secure 60% or more marks shall not be allowed to appear in the semester examination (conducted by the University of Sindh, Jamshoro) and will be denied the issuance of examination slip. By this action they will also loose the examination fee they deposited and will be declared fail in the semester examination.

  8. Students who have to qualify the semester examination in at most three attempts (one in annual semester and two attempts of supplementary examination conducted by the University of Sindh, Jamshoro respectively). If the students are not able to qualify any paper in three attempts, then his / her admission will be cancelled immediately even if the student is studying in final semester.

  9. He / She will not damage the property of the Institute by chalking on walls, scraping manes or immoral words on doors, windows and chairs. A fine of Rs. 500/- will be charged if any student is found guilty of this offence, or a fine equal lent to the loss will be charged.

  10. He / She will not be harass or blackmail any teacher, or fellow students to get under advantage.

  11. He / She will remain regular in classes. If any student will fail to attend classes for 10 day consecutively then his / her admission will be automatically cancelled and notice will be sent to him / her. He / She must achieve 75% attendance in the class in order to qualify the semester examination as well as for the sessional test. 

  12. Fess of any kind (i.e. Admission, Tuition, Examination or any other) once paid is not refundable, non adjustable and non transferable in any case at any stage.

  13. Penalty amounting Rs. 500/- per month will be charged in case of not submit monthly tuition fees on time.

  14. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises of the Institute including throwing of litter.

  15. If any student misses any of the examination (i.e. Semester, Sessional or any other), He / She will not be allowed to re-appear in that examination, until an approved supplementary examination is not held.

  16. SISTECH reserves the right to cancel the admission of any student due to the violation of academic rules mentioned above from rule #01 to #16 or without any reason.