Examination Rules & Guidelines


Students are expected to be familiar with and to comply with the following rules and guidelines. If students breach any of the examination guidelines, they are liable to be dealt with the Disciplinary committee. The examination guidelines are subject to revision by the management.

  1. Students will be eligible for examination if they have attended not less than 75% of classes at lectures, tutorials, laboratories and workshops, settled all dues to the institute and have not committed any serious disciplinary offence.

  2. Students are required to be at the examination hall at least 15 minutes before the commencement of each paper, but shall not enter the hall until they are requested to do so by the Supervisor / Invigilator.

  3. No students shall be admitted to the examination hall for any reason whatsoever after the expiry of 15 minutes from the commencement of the examination. Nor shall a candidate be allowed to leave the hall until a period of 2 hours in Semester Examination and 1 hour in Sessional Examination has lapsed from the commencement of the examination.

  4. On admission to the hall, students shall occupy the allotted seats and shall not change it except on the specific instructions of the Supervisors / Invigilators.

  5. Students shall have their Identity Cards and the Admit Cards with them in the Examination Hall. They will be expelled from the examination hall if they do not produce Identity Cards and Admit Cards, when requested to do so.

  6. Students shall bring their own pens, ink, mathematical instruments, erasers, pencils or any other approved instrument and they are not allowed to borrow anything from other students.

  7. Examination stationary will be supplied as and when necessary. No sheet of paper or answer book supplied to students may be torn, crumpled, folded or otherwise mutilated.

  8. No papers other than those supplied to them by the Supervisor / Invigilator shall be used by students. All material supplied, whether used or unused shall be left behind on the desk and not removed from the examination hall.

  9. Any notes, signs, formulae, or any other unauthorized materials, books, notes, sachets, handbags etc. which students have brought with them should be kept at a place indicated by the Supervisor / Invigilator.

  10. Students may be required by the supervisor to declare any item in their possession.

  11. Students shall enter their Seat Number at the appropriate place on the answer book and on every additional copy. They shall also enter all necessary particulars as indicated on the cover of the answer book. Students who insert on their answer book a Seat Number other than their own are liable to be considered as having attempted to cheat. The Supervisor / Invigilator has an authority to check the answer book of the candidates. An answer book that bears no Seat Number or which is not legible is liable to be cancelled.

  12. Students are under an authority of the Supervisor / Invigilator and shall assist him by carrying out his instructions and those of his invigilators during the examination.

  13. In entering and leaving the Hall. They shall conduct themselves as quietly as possible. Otherwise they are liable to be removed from the Examination Hall for disorderly conduct.

  14. Absolute silence shall be maintained in the Examination Hall. Students are not permitted for any reason whatsoever to communicate or to have any dealings with any person other than the Supervisor / Invigilator. Students shall draw the attention of the Supervisor / Invigilator by raising their hand from where they are seated.

  15. Students shall stop work promptly when ordered by the Supervisor / Invigilator. If this instruction is not followed, the Supervisor / Invigilator have the authority to make an endorsement to this effect on the answer book.

  16. All calculations and rough work shall be done only on answer books supplied for the examination and not done on admit cards, time tables, question papers, record books or on any other paper. Students disregarding these instructions are liable to be considered as having written notes or outlines of answers with the intention of copying.

  17. Students shall handover the answer books personally to the Supervisor / Invigilator or remain on their seats until it is collected. On no account shall students hand over their answer books to an attendant, a minor employee or another student.

  18. No person shall impersonate a student at the examination nor shall students allow themselves to be so impersonated by other person.

  19. The Supervisors / Invigilators are empowered to require any student to make a statement in writing on any matter, which may have arisen during the examination and the students shall sign such statement. No student shall refuse to make such statement or to sign it.

  20. Students have to use only calculators permitted by Supervisors / Invigilators.

  21. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited during the examination. Students are directed to submit their mobile phones to the Examination Department.

  22. Students must mark their attendance on the attendance sheet by indicating their name, seat number, answer sheet number and by signing on it.

  23. Students who have handed over their answer book shall under no circumstances be entitled to take them back.

  24. Students shall not take / remove their or any other student's answer books from the examination hall.

  25. Students shall not copy or attempt to copy from any book or paper or notes or similar material or from the answer books of other students. Nor shall students either help other students or obtain help from other students or any other person. Nor shall students conduct themselves so negligently that an opportunity is given to any other student to read anything written by them or to watch any practical examination performed by them.

  26. Cheating, ill discipline or misconduct will result in the cancellation of paper.